Moving on Up -- February 1st, 2005

The news page may have been quiet, but WE have not. We've quite contentedly spent the past month exploring Stratholme, Scholomance, and Lower and Upper Blackrock Spire, killing everything that moved, gearing up, completing quests, working on Onyxia keys, and preparing to tackle Molten Core. Yes, our little part-time guild is getting ready for Onyxia and Molten Core. We completed our first Onyxia key on the very same night some of our more hardcore pvp-inclined former guildmates achieved her first-ever North American takedown. Major kudos to the folks in Ruined on Proudmore, you definitely earned bragging rights on that one. Another couple dozen General Drakkisath kills and it'll hopefully be our turn.

But now, a little digression: Ah, Blackrock Spire, land of milk and honey, where the phat l00tz fall from the skies, and the good times never end. Or so, at least, we were told. So we dropped by a few times, and after the dust settled, and everything worth killing was dead, we looked over all the goodies. And what to our wondering eyes should appear butů
Yup. Those ever-popular alliance-side shamans are doing backflips. But hey, at least our enchanters are happy.

On a completely unrelated note, a group of us were recently wandering through Burning Steppes and happened across Teremus the Devourer. Hmm. Winged, scaled, fire breathing... well we ARE the Evil Empire, anything that looks and smells that much like a dragon clearly needs to produce a pretty death shot for our website, yes? So we took him down smooth and fast, and just as I was about to grab a pic, what do I see? "Miran has received loot [Heavy Leather]"... and the corpse is GONE. Fkn skinners. We *might* let Miran talk in guildchat again sometime in 2007.

Other interesting sights we've seen? Well... lots of dead stuff... and this little gem from Stratholme:

Ah, it's good to be the Evil Empire. :)

Oh hey, raid starting soon so I'm outta here, but I'll leave you with a few quotes: